Fossil with Commonmark

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.plan -- Fossil, the DG Bwahahahaha! The cover art could be an homo erectus skull lying on some COBOL code...

  1. Command line interface reference docs
    • Finish initial pages.
    • Start on tech-spec (serious, not "chatty") reference pages.
    • Edit, edit, edit.
  1. Support docs
    • Basic explanation of Distributed SCM.
    • Tutorial
      • Silly source. Start with existing dir struct.
      • Repository. Creatiing and populating.
      • Where? Local, Intranet, Internet.
      • Who? Project size defined by size of code base versus number of developers. Size matters.
      • How?
        • Open, close, commit, checkout, update, merge.
      • Hmmm. Experimenting.
        • The road less travelled, or where'd that fork come from?
      • Oops! Going back in time.
        • Versions
          • What is a version?
          • Is it a "version" or a "tag"?
          • DSCM redux: Revisionist versioning.
    • Basic explanation of merge.
      1. Leaves, branches and baselines: We want a shrubbery!
      2. update merges vs. merge merges. All merges are equal, but some are more equal than others.
  1. Configuration
  1. General
    • Co-ordinate style and tone with drh, other devs. (documentation standard? yuck.)