Fossil with Commonmark

Help: test-http

The "test-http" command:

Works like the http command but gives setup permission to all users, or whatever permission is described by "--usercap CAP".

This command can used for interactive debugging of web pages. For example, one can put a simple HTTP request in a file like this:

echo 'GET /timeline' >request.txt

Then run (in a debugger) a command like this:

fossil test-http --debug <request.txt

This command is also used internally by the "ssh" sync protocol. Some special processing to support sync happens when this command is run and the SSH_CONNECTION environment variable is set. Use the --test option on interactive sessions to avoid that special processing when using this command interactively over SSH. A better solution would be to use a different command for "ssh" sync, but we cannot do that without breaking legacy.


Do not do special "sync" processing when operating over an SSH link.
Trace TH1 execution (for debugging purposes)
CAP User capability string (Default: "sxy")