Help: extras

The "extras" command:

Usage: fossil extras ?OPTIONS? ?PATH1 ...?

Print a list of all files in the source tree that are not part of the current checkout. See also the "clean" command. If paths are specified, only files in the given directories will be listed.

Files and subdirectories whose names begin with "." are normally ignored but can be included by adding the --dotfiles option.

Files whose names match any of the glob patterns in the "ignore-glob" setting are ignored. This setting can be overridden by the --ignore option, whose CSG argument is a comma-separated list of glob patterns.

Pathnames are displayed according to the "relative-paths" setting, unless overridden by the --abs-paths or --rel-paths options.


Display absolute pathnames
--case-sensitive BOOL
Override case-sensitive setting
Include files beginning with a dot (".")
Identify the repository if there are extras
--ignore CSG
Ignore files matching patterns from the argument
Display pathnames relative to the current working directory

See also: changes, clean, status