Fossil with Commonmark

Ambiguous Artifact ID

The artifact id 3b47e2 is ambiguous and might mean any of the following:

  1. 3b47e21ff322ffda6e79b0aac324b1a3b8946972 -

    • File src/login.c — part of check-in [1b4b8a95b2] at 2014-04-23 16:47:39 on branch trunk — Improvements to user management: (1) Provide a textarea for entering contact information. (2) Disable superfluous entry boxes for special users. (3) Give an error when creating a duplicate login name. (user: drh size: 53352) [more...]

  2. 3b47e233d57ec42f05ddd305040fa0d4f5755b81 -

    • File src/shell.c — part of check-in [bda00cbada] at 2012-10-26 20:18:00 on branch optimization — Bring in the latest SQLite from upstream. (user: drh size: 97497) [more...]