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Comment:Merge latest trunk
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User & Date: baruch 2015-01-25 09:54:04
Deleting a branch closes it check-in: 86ab1f468b user: baruch tags: svn-import
Merge latest trunk check-in: befd44c747 user: baruch tags: svn-import
Enhance the "fossil sync" command to retry all of the returned values from getaddrinfo() until it finds one that actually works. That way, it will find the IPv4 version on machines that do not have an IPv6 gateway. check-in: ae3ef4d3d9 user: drh tags: trunk
Merge trunk check-in: 0746fbe416 user: baruch tags: svn-import
Unified Diffs Side-by-Side Diffs Patch

Added .dockerignore.

Changes to Dockerfile.

Added skins/

Added skins/black_and_white/css.txt.

Added skins/black_and_white/footer.txt.

Added skins/black_and_white/header.txt.

Added skins/default/css.txt.

Added skins/default/footer.txt.

Added skins/default/header.txt.

Added skins/eagle/css.txt.

Added skins/eagle/footer.txt.

Added skins/eagle/header.txt.

Added skins/enhanced1/css.txt.

Added skins/enhanced1/footer.txt.

Added skins/enhanced1/header.txt.

Added skins/etienne1/

Added skins/etienne1/css.txt.

Added skins/etienne1/footer.txt.

Added skins/etienne1/header.txt.

Added skins/khaki/css.txt.

Added skins/khaki/footer.txt.

Added skins/khaki/header.txt.

Added skins/plain_gray/css.txt.

Added skins/plain_gray/footer.txt.

Added skins/plain_gray/header.txt.

Added skins/rounded1/css.txt.

Added skins/rounded1/footer.txt.

Added skins/rounded1/header.txt.

Changes to src/attach.c.

Changes to src/branch.c.

Changes to src/browse.c.

Changes to src/builtin.c.

Changes to src/cgi.c.

Changes to src/codecheck1.c.

Changes to src/configure.c.

Changes to src/db.c.

Changes to src/diff.tcl.

Changes to src/doc.c.

Changes to src/file.c.

Changes to src/http_socket.c.

Changes to src/info.c.

Changes to src/login.c.

Changes to src/main.c.

Changes to src/

Changes to src/makeheaders.c.

Changes to src/makemake.tcl.

Changes to src/mkbuiltin.c.

Changes to src/mkindex.c.

Changes to src/mkversion.c.

Changes to src/report.c.

Changes to src/search.c.

Changes to src/setup.c.

Changes to src/sitemap.c.

Changes to src/skins.c.

Changes to src/sqlcmd.c.

Changes to src/sqlite3.c.

Changes to src/sqlite3.h.

Changes to src/stat.c.

Changes to src/style.c.

Changes to src/tag.c.

Changes to src/th.h.

Changes to src/translate.c.

Changes to src/url.c.

Changes to src/user.c.

Changes to src/util.c.

Changes to src/xfer.c.

Changes to win/Makefile.mingw.

Changes to win/Makefile.mingw.mistachkin.

Changes to win/Makefile.msc.

Changes to win/include/unistd.h.

Changes to www/