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3 check-ins tagged with "checkout_on_root_fix"

<strong>Fix some remaining corner cases when having a checkout on '/'..</strong> Update command: * Was asserting when localroot is '/' file_cannonical_name(): * Return '/' instead of '.' when refering to '/'. * Avoid the double '/' on beginning. * Refactoring to avoid some duplicated code. file_relative_name(): * Handle properly relative path when working on '/'. Closed-Leaf check-in: 89ad123f5c user: mgagnon tags: checkout_on_root_fix
Remove traces. Waiting approval to merge on trunk.. check-in: 84abd45533 user: mgagnon tags: checkout_on_root_fix
Fix db_open_local() fonction so it find the local checkout database on "/". It was working inconsistently depending what was the current directory. ** Even if fossil is not the right tool to version files on the root of the system, I found it very usefull to track what file change on my system Tested on Linux and MinGW (Windows 8.1) check-in: be993c47d5 user: mgagnon tags: checkout_on_root_fix