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7 check-ins tagged with "windowscompilers"

make compilation depend on _WIN32 being defined by including allways config.h Closed-Leaf check-in: c0a530f482 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
Changed mscv flags to -MT because that is what openssl is using. Removed the -Oy- for the same reason check-in: 30b8a41dc7 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
Added ssl support to msc msc doesn't like declaring vars in the middle of a block! added the extra needed libs in a commented LIBS line check-in: 29c728f4b3 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
The generated makefiles expect dat you do mkdir build cd build nmake -f ..\win\Makefile.msc This will put all the files in build. So no polution of the root of the source tree and you can build for the different compilers check-in: 99e0a29efe user: renez tags: windowscompilers
Added the msvc sdk compiler check-in: c00f79d054 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
This is the first check-in on the windowscompilers branch and it adds the <a href="">Digital Mars C compiler</a> The user should have dmc installed in c:\DM with zlib in c:\DM\extra\lib and c:\DM\extra\include. typing c:\DM\bin\make -f win\Makefile.dmc builds fossil.exe in dmcobj The following files were edited or added: <p>Checks if one of the windows compilers is used. If so we define _WIN32. Defining _WIN32 is normally done by<br>#include &lt;windows.h&gt;<br> However most of the time we don't use windows.h. </p> <p>Adding an other windows compiler is done by adding<br> "|| defined(__COMPILER_IDENTIFIER__)"<br> and maybe some special things in the files below. Like <pre> </pre> </p> <p>These have all __MINGW32__ replaced by _WIN32. And in some places special processing for either MINGW32 or DMC <p>In popen2 the _open_osfHandle call first parameter is cast to a long. DMC refused to compile without the cast.</p> <p>DMC complained that it didn't knew of time_t in rss.h. time.h came after rss.h. Switching the two solved it! </p> <p>added tcl code to generate Makefile.dmc. tclsh src/makemake.tcl dmc prints to stdout the makefile. As a convienience to the end-user I added the win/ check-in: f66f414fd3 user: renez tags: windowscompilers
Create new branch named "windowscompilers" check-in: 3e3304ac44 user: renez tags: windowscompilers