Simpletask for Android


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Simpletask is based on the brilliant todo.txt by Gina Trapani. The goal of the application is to provide a tool to do GTD without providing an overwhelming amount of options. Even though Simpletask can be customised by a fairly large amount of settings, the defaults should be sane and require no change.

Simpletask can be used as a very simple todo list manager or as a more complex action manager for GTD or Manage Your Now.


Simpletask supports the following todo.txt extensions:


Simpletask is translated using weblate. Follow the link to contribute.

Join the chat at Gitter, IRC at #simpletask on Freenode, or Matrix at

If you want to log an issue or feature request for Simpletask you can go to the tracker. If you find Simpletask useful, you can buy the donate app (see Settings) or donate via Paypal me some beers.

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