Simpletask for Android


Simpletask supports a couple of intents which can be used by other applications (e.g. tasker) to create tasks or display lists.

Create task in background

To create a task in the background, so without showing simpletask, you can use the intent:

the intent will have one extra string task which contains the task to be added.

For example to create a task from tasker use the following action:

I like to add the +tasker tag to be able to quickly filter tasks that were created by tasker.

Open with specific filter

To open Simpletask with a specific filter you can use the intent:

Name Type Description
CONTEXTS String list of lists in filter separated by 'n' or ','
PROJECTS String list of tags in filter separated by 'n' or ','
PRIORITIES String list of priorities in filter separated by 'n' or ',
CONTEXTSnot Boolean true to invert the lists filter
PROJECTSnot Boolean true to invert the tags filter
PRIORITIESnot Boolean true to invert the priorities filter
HIDECOMPLETED Boolean true to hide completed tasks
HIDEFUTURE Boolean true to hide tasks with a threshold date
SORTS String active sort (see below)

Sorts extra

SORTS contains a comma or '' separated list of sort keys and their direction with a ! in between. Giving <direction>!<sort key>.


Sort keys

See list in arrays.xml


Tasker example

Due to limitations in Tasker you can only add 2 extras. So instead you can use the am shell command. For example:

am start -a nl.mpcjanssen.simpletask.START_WITH_FILTER -e SORTS +!completed,+!alphabetical -e PROJECTS project1,project2 -e CONTEXTS @errands,@computer --ez CONTEXTSnot true -c android.intent.category.DEFAULT -S

The -S at the end will ensure the app is properly restarted if it's already visible. However with tasker the -S seems not to work. So there try it without.