Simpletask for Android

User Interface

This page explains the user interface. At the moment this is a work in progress so it doesn't cover all items yet.

Filter Activity

Invert filter

The invert option is to use the negative of the selected items. To give an example of why this is useful.

Imagine you have the following lists defined:

Two of those lists contain next actions (@work and @home) the two others don't. Now if you want to create a filter to only show next actions there are two ways to do this. One wrong way and one right way.

The 'wrong' way

Create a filter with the @work and @home items checked. Initially this will work. However when you create an item with list @shop which is also a next action, you will have to updateCache the next action filter. So it is easy to miss next actions like this.

The 'right' way

Create a filter with the Project and Someday items checked and also check Invert filter. Now all items which are not on the Project and Someday list will be shown after filtering. This means that if you add an item @shop this will also be included in the results.

Of course if you add a new list which doesn't contain next actions (e.g. @PrivateProject) this will also be shown and the filter still needs to be changed. The big difference with the 'wrong' way is that you might get too much information instead of too little, which is preferable.