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  • build
  • tests
  • ChangeLog
  • README.txt
  • gen_dh_params
  • license.terms
  • tclOpts.h
  • tls.c
  • tls.h
  • tls.htm
  • tls.tcl
  • tlsBIO.c
  • tlsIO.c
  • tlsInt.h
  • tlsX509.c

Original TLS Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Matt Newman <>
TLS 1.4.1    Copyright (C) 2000 Ajuba Solutions
TLS 1.6      Copyright (C) 2008 ActiveState Software Inc.
TLS 1.7      Copyright (C) 2016 Matt Newman, Ajuba Solutions, ActiveState
                                Software Inc, Roy Keene <>

TLS (aka SSL) Channel - can be layered on any bi-directional Tcl_Channel.

Both client and server-side sockets are possible, and this code should work
on any platform as it uses a generic mechanism for layering on SSL and Tcl.

Full filevent sematics should also be intact - see tests directory for
blocking and non-blocking examples.

The current release is TLS 1.6, with binaries built against OpenSSL 0.9.8g.
For best security and function, always compile from source with the latest
official release of OpenSSL (

TLS 1.7 and newer require Tcl 8.4.0+, older versions may be used if older
versions of Tcl need to be used.

Non-exclusive credits for TLS are:
   Original work: Matt Newman @ Novadigm
   Updates: Jeff Hobbs @ ActiveState
   Tcl Channel mechanism: Andreas Kupries
   Impetus/Related work: tclSSL (Colin McCormack, Shared Technology)
                         SSLtcl (Peter Antman)

This code is licensed under the same terms as the Tcl Core.